On Diversity

The following was originally posted as a comment to this article on Medium by Kate Ringland and Annie Forsman-Adams. It was in regards to hateful comments by others attacking the article for its left-wing stance. Please take this into consideration when reading. Thank you.

Friends, kinsmen, fellow Dwarf Fortress players commenting on this article; I sincerely ask you to reconsider the message you recieve from this article. The inclusion of transgender dwarves has nothing to do with a “far-left” or “SJW” agenda, but merely the wishes of Tarn in his very game.

What Tarn wishes for is a world that, while in a fantasy setting, has realistic biology. Said realistic biology and psychology is, contrary to popular belief, recorded in history. Non-cisgendered people can be recorded from Native American societies, to the Indonesian Bugis society, and even Civil War-era America (which is beyond the year 1400 cut-off, but the point remains).

On top of that, I have no idea why being transgender should be seen as a political thing in Dwarf Fortress. Tarn isn’t creating societies based off of gender, not even during the magic update as far as I am aware. The most that would happen is a small detail if you look closely, like LGB dwarves that already exist in the game. I do not see how transgender dwarves or people affect you in any way.

If transgender dwarves are what causes you to leave the Dwarf Fortress community; one that celebrates far worse things like the systematic destruction of a race (elves) and even mermaid bone farms, than I am disappointed by your hypocrisy and can only sincerely wish you to return when you’ve had some time to reflect.

Blessed Be, Alexis Hazel DeSilva

You talk about hypocrisy, but fail to realize that prejudice against the very minorities you want to add into DF has also been part of history. Should that be added too?

There are no genders in DF, as males and females act the same, so adding trans dwarves for inclusivity (a modern-day far-left doctrinary concept) is obviously politically biased.

People should expect no less from anti-fa[scist]...

Yes, I would indeed be okay with persecution of different groups in Dwarf Fortress, as long as it is randomly generated like most the rest of the game. That includes transgender people. However, I only want that if Tarn feels it is best.

While currently, gender is not a thing in Dwarf Fortress, I recall that being a feature that will be added during a law and customs update. That will definitely change things, but the separating feature may very well not be gender, but possibly caste systems, ethnicity, etc.

Lastly, because gender is not a thing in Dwarf Fortess as of yet, wouldn’t the gay, bisexual, and aromantic/asexual dwarves in Dwarf Fortress also be “obviously politically biased”?

I reaffirm my statement showing my disappointment on how some people can show such hate in our community, and hope that you may someday understand that transgender people are not hurting anybody, and that their inclusion in Dwarf Fortress will not infringe on anybody.

Blessed Be again, Alexis Hazel DeSilva